“If I am mad, it is mercy! May the gods pity the man who in his callousness can remain sane to the hideous end!” -H.P Lovecraft

No Time To Evolve,


Kenneth Burris’ new series takes a colorful and vibrant view on the potential destruction and carnage of the future.

Through the appropriation of new technologies, Kenneth Burris creates a virtual landscape of imagination, and each piece is a window into that world.

By pairing stimulating colors with his passionate environmental message, he has managed to form a reality that assaults the senses, and aggressively begs the question of our accountability regarding the future of the planet.

There is a savage, unforgiving truth conveyed through his graphic paintings, and every detail moves to overwhelm the mind with color and dread. By combining modern innovations with traditional practices Kenneth has managed to optimize and distill his message through the canvas, and the result is something that would inspire both Cronenberg and Lovecraft.

The horror and the overwhelming dark truth that the future may hold is apparent in this series, and its ferocity is only encouraged with its vivacious deluge of colour. In the digital age computers have freed the artist from many limitations, and have allowed the once distinct line between creator and spectator to blur. But by embracing the social and historical changes in modern art, Kenneth has managed to retain depth and originality in the face of commercialism.

“Working as a billboard painter, I came to understand the power of images in shaping social action… We must become our own mechanisms of accountability. [My pieces] represent and promote creativity and activity as promising steps toward material solutions.”


Animals in painting

Environments and animals in painting

Animals in Ink

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