“No Time to Evolve”, at Superfine Art Fair Miami, by Artist Kenneth Burris

“No Time to Evolve” at Superfine Art Fair Miami, by Artist Kenneth Burris

Down by the Seaside.  Oil on canvas.  20×48 inches.

“If I am mad, it is mercy! May the gods pity the man who in his callousness can remain sane to the hideous end!”

-H.P Lovecraft


 (Miami, Florida. -December, 2017) SUPERFINE! Contemporary Art Fair will feature a unique exhibition by NYC based artist Kenneth Burris opening Friday December 7th, on view through Sunday December 10th.  “No Time to Evolve” will feature recent works by Burris.

kenneth burris
Antarctic Phoenix. Oil on canvas. 35×42 inches.

With roots in working-class Ohio, Kenneth Burris is a distinctive artist whose unusual training came from years of working in the now defunct industry of roadside billboard painting.  Kenneth Burris’ new series takes a colorful and vibrant view on the potential destruction and carnage of the future.

Through the appropriation of new technologies, Kenneth Burris creates a virtual landscape of imagination, and each piece is a window into that world.

By pairing stimulating colors with his passionate environmental message, he has managed to form a reality that assaults the senses, and aggressively begs the question of our accountability regarding the future of the planet.

There is a savage, unforgiving truth conveyed through his graphic paintings, and every detail moves to overwhelm the mind with color and dread. By combining modern innovations with traditional practices Kenneth has managed to optimize and distill his message through the canvas, and the result is something that would inspire both Cronenberg and Lovecraft.
There will be a series of drawings and paintings available for sale, and additional watercolor booklets for purchase.


The Superfine Art Fair takes place at 56 NE 29th Street Miami, FL. 33137. Tickets can be purchased through https://www.eventbrite.com/e/superfine-miami-2017-tickets-34833027523?aff=eac2. Hours are Friday – Saturday 1pm – 11pm. Sunday 1pm – 8pm. Look for additional event times during ticket purchases. Superfine Art Fair is accessible by public transportation, car, or a 50minute walk from downtown Miami to Wynwood, one of the city’s most happening districts.


 ABOUT Superfine Hyper-Curated Contemporary Art Fair:
Superfine! was created by an artist and an entrepreneur in 2015 as a reaction to what we saw in the art market — inflated prices, sluggish sales, and a widening valley between an ever-growing art-appreciating public and an insular art world positioned far outside of their price range and comfort zone.

Through a two year mission to bring joy and excitement back to the art of collecting art, we’ve achieved a balance that enables exhibitors to experience brisk sales while affording collectors at all stages and levels the ability to take home work that they love, within their budget. In the process, our core team have become avid art collectors – living by the maxim of supporting both living, working artists, and those who champion them. With the support of our devoted exhibitors, collectors, and progressive journalists, we’ve created not just another art fair, but a brand new art market whose success rests on the shoulders of not just a select few, but all who take pleasure in supporting talented, passionate artists.


For more images or information about the artist or venue, contact:

Kenneth Burris, 917.923.9902,  



It’s a struggle.  Oil on wood panel. 16×20 inches.


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